October 2010. From: Scott Woodworth

Hi Linda,

I wanted to write a recommendation for you to use on your website if you would like to use it…..

Dear Dog Owners,

I have been taking my German Shorthair Pointer puppy, Coco, to Linda for the past few years.  Coco is a highly active, high strung dog that I run everyday for a few miles so she is in great shape with a ton of energy to burn.  I looked at dog care facilities in the Santa Clarita Valley to see what my options were for my active dog.  What I generally found were facilities where dogs were kept in pretty small spaces for the day and then taken out once a day for an hour for their daily walk.  These facilities were all the same or more expensive than what Linda offers.  If I wanted Coco taken out more than this one time this was an extra charge. I knew this wasn’t a good fit for Coco.  I also evaluated dog walkers to come by my house but a walk or two a day for Coco wasn’t going to be enough exercise.

After visiting Linda’s facility, it was clear Castaic Canine Camp was a much better fit and Linda and her staff oversee the dogs that are out there very closely.  They have separate, large dog runs where Coco can run around all day either with dogs that she gets along with or by herself.  Linda does a great job of pairing up dogs that get along.  This is great because when I take Coco to the dog parks she doesn’t necessarily get along with everyone.  At night, Coco either sleeps in the house with Linda and a few other dogs in large, separate dog kennels or there is a large, well lit and heated facility where dogs have their own kennel along with any bedding and food you supply.

I should also mention that if Coco gets off the leash, she would like nothing more than to run up into the mountains and chase rabbits and birds and never look back.  In all the times I have taken Coco to Linda, they have taken special care to make sure she is well secured in the dog runs, between the dog runs or where she sleeps at night.

There are a variety of animals at Castaic Canine Camp so it’s pretty fun to visit.  Linda makes sure all animals are current with their shots in order to stay there. I even forgot to get Coco’s shots updated prior to one visit with no time to get it done and she had a vet come on site to provide any of the necessary shots at a very fair price.

I either drive Coco out there to the facility which is located off Templin Hwy on the 5 or take advantage of Linda’s van service that she runs to pick up and drop off Coco in Valencia at no additional charge. 

If you are looking for a dog facility where they take great care of your dog at a very fair price, this is it!

Best regards,



July 3, 2011: Mr. & Mrs. Sinclair



Hello Linda,


Just a note to tell you we were very happy that we had left our yellow lab, Sierra with you while we went on a short trip. It made us feel good that you said she did very well there. We're sure she enjoyed sleeping in your house in one of the crates, since that's what she is used to at home, she loves being around people. She acted very happy when we picked her up and we're sure she had a good time playing with several other dogs in your large grass area with kiddie pools for them to cool off in. Your facility is very nice and has always been clean each time we've gona by. We will deifinately be recommending your facility to several of our friends who like us are always looking for a good place for our dogs to be well taken care of while we're gone.


Thank you and your staff for taking such good care of our girl. We will know we can count on you and your facility again whenever we need to leave Sierra for a few days.


Thank you,


Jim and Linda Sinclair (and one very sleepy Lab =))