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Castaic Canine Camp


During the day your dog will be out in one of our 36 large play yards. If your dog is friendly we can socialize them with other dogs in a play group. If your dog does better on their own, they can have a yard all to their selves. We also have escape proof areas that dogs cannot jump or dig out of and also have double safety gates. These areas are slightly smaller but offer enough room to play and run around.  If you have multiple dogs they can be housed together. If you have a large and small dog but want them to be in a play group they will be separated by size. All of the dogs sleep inside the house at night in crates. No dog is ever left outside to sleep at night. It's not safe, there is no exception to this.  We have every size crate to fit every dog. Your welcome to bring you own bedding and toys but we do provide that. You must bring bring your own food we do not change your dogs diet. It's recommended you bring extra just in case your plans unexpectedly change and your dog has to stay longer. If your dogs runs out of food during their say you'll be charged for the house food that was given to them per meal. Prices are per night. There is NOT a daycare charge for the day if your dogs boarding.

To make a reservation please: 

Email or Text us at:




Boarding Per Night:

1 Dog                                              $40

2 Dogs                                            $70

3 Dogs                                          $100

4 Dogs                                          $130

5 Dogs                                          $160

Additional dogs $30

501c3 Non-Profit Rescue/Fosters                                                         $15


Boarding Per Week:

1 Dog                                            $280

2 Dogs                                         $490

3 Dogs                                         $700

4 Dogs                                         $910

5 Dogs                                        $1,120

Additional dogs $30

501c3 Non- Profit Rescue/Foster                                                        $150 


Nail Trim:                                       $20


Short hair under 40 Lbs $20

Short hair over 40 Lbs $40

Long hair under 40 Lbs $40

Long hair over 40 Lbs $60

House Food: $10 per day for large dogs. $5 per day for small dogs. 

Extended Discount Stay        (each day over 14 Nights):

1 Dog                                              $35 

2 Dogs                                           $60

3 Dogs                                           $85

4 Dogs                                         $100 

5 Dogs                                          $125

           Additional Dogs $25

Extended Discount Stay  (per month):

1 Dog                                          $1,050

2 Dogs                                       $1,800

3 Dogs                                       $2,550

4 Dogs                                     $3,000

5 Dogs                                      $3,750

 Additional Dogs $25

501c3 Non- Profit Rescue/Fosters                                                     $600

Holiday Rate 

There will be charging for the night before, the day of and the night after. 
It's an additional $20 a night.